THE LEGEND OF GOLDHORN – in production

A short film in production.


Producer: Damir Grbanović

Director: Lea Vučko

Length: 7 min
Technique: digitally drawn, frame by frame animation
Format: 16:9
No dialog
Genre: Drama, fantasy, thriller


Estimated release date: December 2020


A kindhearted hunter disregarding his values and beliefs goes hunting for Goldhorn, a gold horned chamois, the god of the Julian Alps. With this gold hunter hopes to win back the heart of his beloved.


The story is based on a Slovenian folktale. It takes place in winter in the Julian Alps. It is a tragic love story about values, greed and our relationship toward nature. A kind hearted hunter has his heart broken by the girl he loves. In his desire to win her back, he disregards his own values and goes hunting for the god of the Alps which appears in the form of a white, golden horned chamois.

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