A site-specific animation designed for the media facade of the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb-MSU.

The animation was in the official selection of “Animation goes MSU!” a program section of Animafest, International animated film festival, Zagreb in 2017.


The animation is made using a a combination of techniques which were composited in frame by frame animation software.  The techniques used are, pixelation, stopmotion, timelapse, 3d animation and digital drawn frame by frame animation.

As the animation is site specific, and has its own environment, we thought to use the building as a representation of our environment as a whole. The story evolves around the irony of how we value keeping our homes clean, but with those actions we pollute our real home, our planet. Cleanliness is only cleaning your door step, literally, then if it is out of sight it is out of mind and not our problem any more.



23. 5 – 10. 6. 2017 /
Animation goes MSU!, Animafest, Zagreb, Croatia; competition selection