CATASTROPHE – in production

Coproduction: School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica


Director: Damir Grbanović

Lenght: 7 min

Technique: 3D with digitally painted textures
format: 16:9
No dialog
Genre: Drama, fantasy, thriller


Estimated release date: December 2020


In the not so distant future ruled by technology and machines compassion has no value. When a robotic cat starts to display just that, the group will aim to destroy it.


The story depicts a dark future our society that has polluted their environment in exchange for comfort and gave away their humanity to technology for entertainment. While the humans go blindly about their routine, a group of robotic cats clean the streets of all they deem trash.
This includes food, plants and living creatures. But one cat in the group, nr. 378 is different, he is compassionate. When he meets a homeless man, he brings him food, and later becomes friend with an orphaned rat. Soon though, the other robotic cats notice 378’s unusual behavior and team up to repair the error.